Become Famous

We are happy to see musicians, actors, bloggers, coachers, IT marketers, designers, financial consulters and all other people who want to create and push their own brand. If you just want to be the most popular girl in your city, it is not a problem.

Upload your best photo, catchy massage for everyone and link your social network to our website. In the next few minutes the army of your fans and customers will rapidly increase.

Idea: Everyone can be famous, rich and sexy. You too!

Who needs a placement on Top Internet Faces?

Top Internet Faces may boost a worldwide fame of a person or of a group who are trying to make their own
national or global brand. Musicians, artists, bloggers, consultants, designers, Internet marketers – it’s a short list of those who will be interested in gaining hundreds and thousands of real fans and clients in a few months.

Why do so many people visit this website?

They do it because the idea of Top Internet Faces is so simple and obvious that it is actually hard to believe in. People can’t believe that you can just become a world famous celebrity in overnight for a few dollars. This just can’t be true. And everyone who learns about it wants to check if it’s fake.

And after that they get so impressed and excited and share their positive or negative comments with each other. Bloggers, journalists, market specialists write about it in their blogs, online media and etc. All of this attracts a new wave of visitors who then share it further on. (Who then share it with others)

How often my paid profile is shown?

All the paid profiles get the premium placement, which means they are always shown on the catalogue. Also, paid profiles are displayed in the Featured Face box in random order. When someone visits the site,
the last purchased profile is displayed in the Featured Face box. After that, every ten seconds the Feature Face box shows random profile from the catalogue. If the visitor browses the website for two minutes, he/she will be shown at least 12 different listings. The visitor can also see your profile when he/she clicks on it in the catalogue.

In addition, your profile will also be posted to our public pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and VK.

How can I buy Premium Placement for my profile?

We accept credit cards through the secured payment processor Sign up, create your profile, click the Premium Placement button and, select the Credit Card option. You will be redirected to the payment processor where you can pay for your listing at the current price.

You can also buy Premium Placement using PayPal or any other e-currencies (AdvCash, Perfect Money, WebMoney, etc.). Clik the Premium Placement button, select the Paypal/ECurrencies option, and  select the appropriate method of payment and transfer money to the offered e-wallet.

What can my listing contain?

Your listing is meant for promoting your personal brand (for your personal brand promoting). That’s why it should contain your name, your nickname, your personal photo or a portrait. If you promote a team, (a group, a band) you may use its name and a picture or a sketch of the team. Your listing also must contain a public message from you and links to your social network profiles.

You can’t use advertising banners, logos etc. as the image. The picture, the text message and the related websites must not contain or promote terrorism, hatred, violence, racism, pornography, gambling, financial pyramids, and any other types of illegal activity. In the listing itself, it is also not permitted to use profanities and materials for adults.

Why is the listing price increasing all the time?

The price is growing along with the website attendance and the demand on listings. When the first listings were sold, there were only tens visitors a day and people who bought them were risking their money to be wasted. Today, thousands of people visit the site every hour and your listing is guaranteed to receive (get) such visibility, which will cost you thousands of dollars a month when using Google Adwords.

Can I sell my listing?

Yes, you can. When all of the thousand eternal listings are placed we will launch (start) an auction on the site where you can sell your listing if you don’t need it anymore to anyone wishing. The attendance of the site will be at its peak at this period (This will be a period of the maximum attendance of the site) and you’ll be able to sell your listing at a nice price, it may be 5, 10 or 50 times higher than you bought it.

Can I place a listing for free?

You can place a listing for free. The higher your rating will be the more often it will be shown in the catalogue and in the Featured Face box.

Also, after 975 slots are sold, the 25 users with the highest ratings will have posted their eternal listings for free!

How do I raise my rating?

You may raise your rating by inviting your friends to sign up through your profile and by advertising your profile on social networks, messengers, forums and etc. Just copy your profile link and share it with your friends, inviting them to join you on Top Internet Faces. Your rating also raises when signed up people like your listing and when they click on links to your social network profiles you have stated in your listing.

What is the amount of the top money prize?

The winner of the final drawing will receive (get) 5% of the amount of all paid placements on the site. If the revenue is $ 100,000, then the winner will receive $ 5,000. If the revenue is $ 500,000, then the winner will receive $ 25,000.

How will the main winner be chosen?

The top money prize will be drawn among the participants, who brought at least 100 real subscribers. Chances of winning the prize by an occasional participant are proportional to his/her rating.